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How to plan your day using tasks

Day Sections

Every day is divided into three sections: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. These sections are purely for organizational purposes, and you can easily move and swap tasks from one section to another. Simply drag and drop a task to move it between sections.


Tasks form the core of Chronos Planner – you can create a task to track almost any part of your day – from grocery lists to book notes to chore reminders to meeting minutes – you can capture all of these activities within Chronos Planner.

Creating Tasks

There are multiple ways to create a new task for a specific day: you can click + New task from the day header, or you can click the + New task link within each individual day section. Adding from a day section will pre-populate both the day and time, while adding from the header will only populate the day.

Tasks can be created from the day header or within each section of the day.

Be sure to populate all of the required fields (task name, date, time) before saving.

Creating Tasks for Other Dates

Once you are on the New Task panel, you can click on the Date field and choose a different date (either past or future). Doing so will add the task to the corresponding date when it is saved.

Using the Rich Text Editor

The description field on tasks allows you to format the text using a WYSIWYG editor. Many common formatting styles are available.

Changing Text Formatting

Click the first icon (text formatting) to toggle bold, italics, underline, strikethroughs, as well as styles for headings, bulleted and numbered lists.

Click the Text Formatting button to access several font options and styles.

Changing Text Colours

You can also change the colour of the text by clicking on the second (colour palette) icon.

Click the Colour Palette button to change the font colour of description text.

Editing Tasks

Once a task has been saved, you can edit it by hovering over the task and clicking on the Edit icon.

Hover over a task to bring up the Edit action.

Expanding and Collapsing Task Descriptions

By default, task descriptions and notes are collapsed once they are added to ensure your day view interface is as de-cluttered as possible, but you can always expand a task’s description field by clicking on the task name itself. When expanded, you can click on links in the task description or drag the task to another section in the day.

Click a task title to expand or collapse the description field.

Simply click on the task name or description again to collapse the description.

Completing Tasks

Marking a task as complete is as simple as checking off the checkbox besides the task name. The task will be striked through and a green checkmark will fill the checkbox to indicate that the task is complete.

Once a task has been completed, it will be grouped with other completed tasks within that day’s section.

You can convert a completed task back to an incomplete one by unchecking the checkbox besides the task name.

Deleting Tasks

Sometimes a task may be created by mistake or may no longer be desired. You can clean up your day by deleting these tasks.

Tasks can be deleted two ways:

  1. Hovering over the task in the day view and clicking on the Trash icon.
  2. Editing the task that you wish to delete and then clicking the Delete action.
Tasks can be deleted by hovering over the task and clicking the Trash icon or clicking Delete when editing a task.

Both options will prompt you to confirm whether you wish to proceed with deleting the task.

Caution! Deleting a task is irreversible, so please delete tasks only if you are sure you do not need them anymore.

Do you use Chronos Planner to organize your day in a different way? We’re always looking for inspiration, so please share your approach below!

Updated on July 4, 2022

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