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How can I backup my data?

We recognize your data is very important to you and you may have spent a considerable amount of time entering in details for all of your tasks. To prevent any significant loss of information, we encourage users to backup their data on a regular basis.

Chronos Planner uses a local storage database called SQLite for all of your task and event information. SQLite is used by millions of applications, and is actively used by well-known companies like Adobe, Apple, and Google.

All of your task and event data are stored in a SQLite database named db.sqlite3 under this location: /Users/<YOUR USERNAME>/Library/Containers/com.boscapps.chronosplanner/Data/Applications

You can backup all of the data by simply duplicating the db.sqlite3 file and saving it under a different filename (e.g. using a format like <DATE>-db.sqlite3 is an easy way to tell when the database was backed up).

Restoring Database Backups

Using the previous method of backing up your database, restoring the database to a previous version is as simple as renaming the backup file back to db.sqlite3 (you may need to overwrite or rename the existing database if it already exists).

Please ensure you are restoring from the correct database backup and that you no longer desire any of the latest changes. Changes made directly to the original database may not be reversible and you could potentially lose task and event information.

Need help determining what is inside a database backup? We recommend using a database management tool, like TablePlus, for opening and viewing SQLite files. There are also many free and open source alternatives that you can use as well. Using these tools, you’ll be able to directly query, update or export your content into an appropriate format.

In the future, we will make it easier to automate the backing up and restoring of your data.

Updated on July 10, 2022

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