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How much does Chronos Planner cost?

Chronos Planner is being offered as a Universal Purchase on the App Store, meaning that you only have to purchase the app on one platform and it will be available on all other platforms at no further cost to you.

While the app is currently only available on macOS, we intend to release iOS (iPhone and iPad) versions in the future, meaning if you purchase at a lower price now, you will be able to utilize our mobile versions free of charge later on.

We are currently offering Chronos Planner as a one-time cost of $20 USD, with no ongoing subscription costs required. Please refer to the App Store page for Chronos Planner to view the respective pricing in your country.

There may be discounts offered on the app throughout the year; the best way to be notified about these promotions is to sign up for our newsletter.

Updated on November 24, 2022

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